Project planning
We have long-standing experience of developing and overseeing projects, together with technical expertise and a good network of contacts. We take on all aspects of the project, from the initial concept to the construction phase and marketing. Alternatively, we can simply handle individual aspects. We are particularly experienced when it comes to detached houses, apartment blocks and commercial and office buildings, as well as rental properties and buildings intended for sale. Sales
Property owners in the Zug Canton rely on our expertise when selling detached houses, apartment buildings or building plots. After all, a combination of professional expertise and a knowledge of local and regional conditions are vital in achieving the best possible results. What’s more, we are also able to offer our own properties on an ongoing basis. Management
Our services also include renting and managing private homes and office buildings. We aim to generate an appropriate yield and maintain the building structure diligently. We offer homes, office spaces, commercial properties, condominium apartments, apartment buildings and individual properties, mainly in the Zug area. Building renovation
To ensure the best possible level of value retention, we provide overall concepts for building renovation work. We advise our customers on financing and also oversee the whole construction process.